The "District La Rolland" project is inspired by the well-known districts of Distillery in Toronto and Meatpacking in New York. Reflecting a global trend that has been going on for a number of years, these neighborhoods are two convincing examples of the recovery and upgrading of former industrial sectors into a real living environment. Concretely, the project recovers six existing buildings from the original industrial complex. Their position on the site defines the perimeter of a large public place which will bear the name of “Place Jean-Baptiste Rolland”, in memory of one of the co-founders of the factory, who was also a notable figure for the region. The new recreational tourism vocation of the complex will include a hotel with some 60 rooms, lofts, and pods, a restaurant, a café, art gallery, a museum on the industrial history of the place, as well as the facilities and services to host important events and shows. Adjacent to the Rivière du Nord and located near the Le P'tit train du nord linear park, the $25M project will also offer a rest stop and destination in itself, a completely new experience to its thousands of users, both in summer and winter.

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District La Rolland